Why Democrats Should Love Bitcoin

A few weeks ago, I opined on why Republicans should love bitcoin. Thankfully, though, the GOP aren’t the only ones invited to the party. That’s the nature of bitcoin: it has something to offer to everyone. To illustrate, each section of this article begins with a quote taken directly from the Democratic National Platform, followed by […]

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Why Republicans Should Love Bitcoin

The Republican reaction to bitcoin has been mixed. Some lawmakers have enthusiastically supported it, while others have unequivocally opposed it. Interestingly, many mainstream Republican positions make amiable bedfellows with bitcoin. In this article, each section begins with a quote taken directly from the Republican Party Platform, followed by a discussion of how bitcoin can address the issue […]

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Famous Movies…with Bitcoin

Movies without bitcoin? Snore! Unfortunately the entire corpus of feature films lacks cryptocurrency. But imagine if this weren’t the case. Thankfully, I’ve rewritten the plots of some famous movies to account for bitcoin. How do things change? Marty McFly didn’t have a Coinbase wallet, and White Castle doesn’t accept bitcoin…But what if? Back to the […]

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Madison’s MobCraft Combines Crowdsourced Craft Beer and Bitcoin

Wisconsinites love their beer, and several craft breweries call Madison home. Among them is MobCraft, a brewing concern quickly earning a reputation not only for stunning original beers, but also for a truly distinctive business model. For starters, MobCraft’s brews are crowdsourced. The team monitors the “social popularity of each beer recipe through different channels of social […]

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