Randy Quarles Lampoons Obamacare

Olsen’s Nation is a parody on steroids. At every turn, author Randy Quarles mercilessly lampoons the Obama administration. His fictional president’s name is Bodvar Olsen. There’s also CACA (the “Cheap and Accessible Care Act”), WHOT (the “White House Office of Truth”), and countless other acronyms characteristic of the American executive branch since FDR. Small drinking glasses […]

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3D Printing and the Future of Production

Although Christopher D. Winnan’s e-book 3D Printers: The Next Technology Goldrush is not always polished, the book provides an exhaustive amount of information and covers the topic of additive manufacturing technology and the societal revolution well. Perhaps the most revolutionary thing about additive manufacturing is the possibility that it could completely overturn the prevailing production […]

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