My Article…In Dutch

Door de Huffington Post wordt het “de Twitter van daten” genoemd. Tinder, deze 2 jaar oude app is in tientallen talen beschikbaar en koppelt letterlijk miljoenen mannen en vrouwen. Het is uitdagend, verleidelijk en af en toe wat dubieus. Om te beginnen download je de app en log je in met Facebook. Tinder gapt je […]

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I, Thanksgiving Dinner

Nobody knows how to make Thanksgiving dinner. Despite its ubiquity in homes across the country, no single individual could ever articulate all the know-how required to produce a Turkey Day meal. It is a miracle and a mystery. At first, this claim sounds improbable. Don’t lots of people know how to make Thanksgiving dinner? After […]

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Everything I Know About Economics I Learned from Tinder

The Huffington Post calls it “the Twitter of dating.” It’s Tinder, an 18-month-old mobile app now available in two dozen languages. Millions of men and women, mostly millennials, have flocked to the Tinderverse. It’s exhilarating, enticing, and occasionally disturbing. To begin, you download the app and log in via Facebook. Tinder hijacks essential data—name, age, photos, […]

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The Fault in Fairness

The coffee aisle at the supermarket has become the latest front in the crusade for “social justice.” Coffee roasters proudly tout their allegiance to the ideals of the fair-trade movement, which ostensibly aims to elevate the economic and social welfare of disadvantaged Third-World farmers. Despite its meteoric rise in popularity, does fair trade translate its […]

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Hemp in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a rich history in hemp cultivation. The state’s soil and climate are ideal for the growth of the crop. Unfortunately, due to federal regulation, hemp cannot be grown in the state, or in any other state. Hemp was first planted in Wisconsin in 1908. Over the next four decades, the state’s fertile south-central […]

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