Sage City Today, Ep. 2

This day just couldn’t get any worse. Former Mayor Trygve Loon was found dead in his townhouse. Was it suicide or murder? Sage City can’t ruminate on that question for too long, though, because a bridge just collapsed. That’s what happens when the City isn’t around to maintain the roads. Finally, to top it all […]

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Sage City Today, Ep. 1

Under severe financial pressure, the Sage City government simply threw up its hands and walked away. In response, the Citizens’ Brigade held its first meeting–will it become a band of benevolent watchmen or a violent gang of thugs? The City’s first food truck, Murray’s Tacos, opened its doors. That’s the one bright spot in the […]

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Breaching the Social Contract

America leads the world. No other nation imprisons more people than we do. Over 2.2 million men, women, and children currently reside in penitentiaries; another 4 million are under criminal supervision. In the past forty years, the incarcerated population has increased by a factor of five. Billions of our tax dollars are spent maintaining prisons […]

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