Joseph S. Diedrich holds a Bachelor of Music – Composition degree from the University of Wisconsin. His works have been performed across the nation and in Europe. A few sample recordings are included below. For more information and to inquire about scores and performances, connect with Joe.

Saturation (Coming Soon)

Performed by Clocks in Motion with Lindsay Crabb.

Night at the Lake

Performed by Michael Basak, Lisa Garza, Michael Koszewski, and Samuel Moon.

Seven Pieces for Allison

Performed by Allison Jerzak.


The Summer at Monte Beni

Recorded by the University of Wisconsin Wind Ensemble.



Performed by Ricky Schadt.


Performed by Scott Elford.


Performed by Jacob Wolbert and Samuel Moon.

The Effect

Performed by Jacob Bertram, Joseph S. Diedrich, Taylor Putz, and Richard Ransom.

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